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All in One Pocket Screwdriver (ST-5)

  • Includes a #0 Phillips head, #1 Phillips head, 3mm. Flat/Slotted head, & Schrader valve

Pipe Taps:

  • Tapered Threads

  • Heat-treated high carbon steel

Screw Extractors:

  • Removes nipples, bolts, and threads

  • Spiral flutes penetrate deep into the metal as the tool turns

  • Aggressive left hand spiral tapered flute removes broken threaded ends without thread damage

Anchor Kit


  • 100 piece super ribbed plastic anchor set

  • 3 way (Hex/Phillips/Slot) screws 

  • Includes 1 masonry drill bit

EZ Anchor Kit

ST-793 (50 Pc. plastic anchor self-drill kit)

ST-794 (50 Pc. zinc anchor self-drill kit)

Ratcheting Speed Wrench:

ST-1 (3/8") and ST-3 (1/4")

  • Combines speed and access for tough jobs

  • Patented double locking system for maximum access 

Speed Wrench:

ST-2 (3/8") and ST-4 (1/4")

  • Patented open/lock access

  • Use both locks, one lock, or let both sides rotate freely

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